New Haven City
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The Nation of Rust

Lead By:

Prime Minister Robert Steele




1.3 Million


National Credits


Industrial Supplies, Metal Manufacturing and (Some) Trade.

New Haven City is the Capital City of The Nation of Rust as well as being the focal point of the The Three Wars. The city houses a bustling population, nearly rivaling that of Haven City (The Capital city of the Royal Empire) along with being the most industrialized and nearly fully depending on the supplies from Worlds End and the trades from the Port of St.Lazarus. The city touts a tram car system, multiple factories and a labyrinth of streets with markets and workshops of every variety.


Robert Steele

Robert Steele

Like most cities of the Empire, New Haven acts as it's own independent City-State, being lead by a rough parliamentary government. Robert Steele is the current Prime Minister of New Haven City, having control before the Rust Rebellions in the first war. He was also instrumental in the framing of the Nation of Rust, and leaving the Empire with the Port of St. Lazarus, World's End, and Originally God's Hope before it's destruction.


New Haven City

New Haven City (Currently)


New Haven City built as a small trade town to serve as a midpoint to the Port of St.Lazarus and after it's initial popularity, the main location of metal manufacturing for the Empire. Because of the lucrative work offered, along with the open land around the city it became a location of settlement for new families looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital- and the north in general. During the reign of King Joshua III, the city grew exponentially as it became part of the Brass Road, which connected the Port of St.Lazarus to New Haven, and then Haven itself.

At the death of the King, Queen Lucelia IV rose to power, keeping close tabs on New Haven but generally ignoring and letting the system lead by her father do the work. When the Plague made it's first rounds, and the Rust Rebellion ran it's course, New Haven had a population boost as refugees and rebels came to the industrial city for a new beginning. Inventors, builders and many of the
Third War

Forces about to push back the Queen's forces (Second War)

working class flooded into the city, and the lack of readiness caused homes, buildings and other areas built quickly, and soon was called 'The City of Rust' due to it's sometimes lackluster building practices and lack of general beauty.

Second War

As the city was collecting itself because of the Rust Rebellions, the Royal Empire had decided to make it's movements and strike at New Haven in attempts to size all assets directly (Therefore breaking down the Brass Road) and putting an end to the rebellions and general dissent. Because of the large population, the citizens where able to hold back the Empires forces for a month, resulting in a general stalemate with minimal damage to the city. But, eventually the Royal Empire invaded fully, and took complete control over the factories and other facilities- nearly putting all of the citizens into slave labor.

Third War

Industrialization went into full force as the Royal Empire had complete control over all trades and exports in the Brass Road- Giving the Capital City it's sustenance while nearly all northern factories had been forced to shut down. The slums and general wages of all citizens had fallen dramatically, while populations grew more and more unhappy. It was at this time that the New Haven dome was built, as the ultimate safeguard against the rampaging illnesses and to potentially house Queen Lucelia and her Nobles in the case of emergency. Because of the proximity to all the metal manufacturing, the New Haven Dome was completed in 3 years, being a technological marvel of glass, metal and concrete. After the completion of the dome, the last strain of the plague attacked New Haven, decimating it's population while the Nobles and other important figures of the Empire stayed safe within the dome. Arguments and battles quickly occurred up north, eventually signing the Independence Declaration and having the southern cities become a confederation of city-states.

New Haven Currently

Rebuilding after the death of a large number of the population took time, and the scars of the conflicts with the empire are still evident in the economical slump and general state of most buildings. New Haven is constantly in a state of being rebuilt, while the Dome is now used for researching the Plague, as well as keeping the city officials safe.


Because of being so tightly packed; homes inside New Haven are usually that of small apartments, each building with about five or so floors. Unlike many areas, most of these living places have basic sanitation, water and electricity. Despite these amenities, heat is still a large issue, and boilers and usually on most of the day to keep homes warm and dry. Basic lighting is hard to come by as well, most living places sparsely lit because of the constantly blotted out sky.