The Port of St.Lazarus
St Lazarus


Nation Of Rust

Lead By:

Trade Prince Bowman






All Currencies Accepted


Trade, smuggling, fishing, ship production and deployment.

The second largest port city in the Empire, The Port of St.Lazarus has somewhat declined after the war, now a haven for piracy, contracted killers, and other shady activites. Legal trades happen here, of course but with the loss of the Royal Empire and it's strict set of rules and regulations; Laissez-faire is now king.

Despite not being the largest of the Royal Empire; The Port of St.Lazarus is one of the oldest port cities of the country, being the starting point of the Brass Road: The trade route between The Port, New Haven and the Empire Capital. Unlike the other cities it's connected to, St.Lazarus has a bustling atmosphere with sprawling docks, usually clear skies and nearly constant trade and selling of products from Pirates, Smugglers from the Empire along with whatever else from the other nations nearby. At night, wild parties in the downtown sections emerge, with fights, women and alcohol being used in mass amounts from celebration of a good voyage, or for any other reason they can manage to think of. Surviving here means you know how to cut a deal, and to get what you came for by any means necessary.