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Flag of the Nation of Rust

The Nation of Rust is the currently playable faction of the RustHead Rebellion
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Map of the Nation of Rust

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The Nation of Rust is the result of the 3 civil wars that had broken up the Royal Empire. It is mostly composed of working-class citizens, builders and rebels who have long distanced themselves from the Queen and the Empire north. The cities and roads are makeshift, as the citizens of this new nation try to build a home for themselves, along with pushing back the Royal Forces who will stop at nothing to put an end the rebellion. Because of this constant threat, most cities and towns of the Nation of Rust are well fortified against attack, and paranoia runs deep in the citizens.

The Nation of Rust is home to four city-states, all changed dramatically to accomidate the large populations. New Haven, God's Hope, Port of St.Lazarus and Worlds End, along with a large number of small towns.

Before the Expansion

The Royal Empire was centralized. While the North generally grew more and more densely populated, the south was nearly left undiscovered, beyond a few maps that gave a rough outline of the shape of the continent. In a push to open up the south (Which until that point, most citizens where hesitant to colonize) the Port of St.Lazarus was built, starting from a small port town for new colonists and trades eventually into a center point for new commerce. Because of the rush of supplies, people and constant exports the city of New Haven was built a few decades later, simply serving as a midpoint between the Capital and the Port. This trade route soon became known as the Brass Road, and slowly became the biggest line of trade in the Empire. Despite the influx of trades, colonization of the south was still nearly nonexistent, no travelers went beyond the Brass Road beyond a few scattered farmsteads.


The First War

With the Plague running rampant, most northern cities had been evacuated and destroyed. New Haven became a means of escape for some refugees, but most had migrated towards the capital. Around this point members of the working class where refused entry into the House of Nobles, sparking the Rust Rebellions, the 3 days of rioting left the Capital in shambles while the remaining refugees fled to New Haven. Because of the (yet again) population influx, New Haven city quickly had to adjust itself and was called the 'City of Rust' due to it's sprawling buildings and settlements made of discarded and scraps of metal.

Industry boomed with the increased workers, making New Haven city a location of industrial innovation and jobs, which served as a source of income and a way to get away from the Plague. This lead to the attacks known as the Second War.

The Second War

Years pass, and the strain on the Royal Empire was growing more and more apparent. While still a superpower on it's own, The Empire now had a large dependence on the Brass Road and New Haven city itself, and decided that instead of taking what it could from the leftovers, Queen Lucelia IV ordered the city along with the Port of St. Lazarus to be attacked and taken control fully via the state. The cities attacked launched their own offensives, the mockingly called 'Nation of Rust' holding back the Empire Forces by any means necessary for less then a month. When the Empire had it's advantage and became the victor, the two cities where nearly forced into slave labor in attempts to keep the Empire afloat, making way for even more dissent to follow.

The Third War

Now that the cities where under the thumb of the Capital, the Nobles looking for a place to escape the plague now had the best opportunity- The south. In less then a year the New Haven Dome was drafted and construction began, completing rather quickly while the city itself suffered from an Economic collapse, along with the Port of St.Lazarus. To make matters worse, the secondary strain of the Plague had attacked, decimating parts of New Haven and St.Lazarus, killing at least a third of the population in each city. Fingers where quickly pointed on both sides of the country, while the Empire publicly blamed New Haven and the southern cities- leaving the Rebels and the working class with no voice in the Government hearings and where abused by the Queen for the
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Propaganda for the Nation of Rust (Third War)

rebellions previously. After such grievances, the Trade Prince of St.Lazarus and (At that time) Mayor Robert Steele of New Haven had decided to secede from the Empire- Signing the Independence Declaration and proclaiming that any territory past God's Hope now belonged to the Nation of Rust. The result of this historic announcement was three solid days of warfare, the skirmish ending abruptly after the remaining Empire Nobles within the New Haven Dome where held hostage (and being forced to sign a shaky treaty of peace.) The 'Nation of Rust' as it would be called would be a confederation of City-States all working under the same banner, free from the insane and tyrannical rule of Queen Lucelia.

When the Nobles of the Empire where successfully taken out of the newly-created nation, the remaining and surviving citizens where faced with the task of rebuilding what was left of their homes. New Haven was pushed to the brink, being nearly destroyed in the Second and Third Wars, St.Lazarus being taxed and policed beyond all reasoning and God's Hope laid in ruins. Time has passed, and while the road to rebuilding has come a long way, there is still even longer left to go. Armadas of Airships, Tanks and other shows of force are common around the borderlines, where the entire population awaits with grim anticipation for the Royal Empire to make it's next move.