Royal Empire Flag

Flag of the Royal Empire

The Royal Empire is a massive country that used to compose of The Nation of Rust before the breakup. It serves as the driving antagonist force of the Rusthead Rebellion Roleplay Boards.


The Royal Empire is a Monarchy run by Queen Lucelia IV that is currently over control of all lands north of God's Hope, and is one of the most industrialized nations in the world. This status is obvious to anyone who pays enough attention- The city is laden with beautiful architecture and design while the working class citizens are quickly tossed out of sight in sprawling shanty towns and slums. The country itself before the events of the wars where mostly centralized, the deep south and north generally sparse in population. The South was known to be wild jungle in some areas, with fertile land begging to be claimed; while the Northlands where harsh and largely unexplored beyond a few small towns, and was one of the first locations to have a confirmed case of the Great Plague.